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Messages from Our Business Partners
Alexander Zaitsev Head of Business Development
(Turkey, DACH region)
Logistics is a key success factor for each cross-border marketplace. That's why Joom carefully chooses logistics partners for each destination.

Even during the 2020 pandemic time, PTS team offered Joom high-class service level, flexibility and support, thus it has become the top partner for our shipments from Turkey to all destinations.

We value expertise, reliability and fast decision making - that's all about PTS whom Joom is proud to have as a partner.
Başak Çokkeskin Business Development and Overseas
Operations Director
As Sefamerve, e-export is our most important business. We have been investing a lot in this field since the day we were founded and we pay attention to working with the best business partners.

PTS is one of our closest solution partners in Europe and the Middle East, one of our most important regions in export.

Their flexible approach and solution orientation in all kinds of transportation, warehouse and transportation projects give us the opportunity to be a pioneer in the sector with very fast solutions.

Customer orientation, project management, flexible and fast solution manner are the features that put PTS forward in many ways.
Samed Demirel Project Manager
When we decided to move our works to the international platform, we decided to work with a professional company. PTS became our first choice with its quality service and affordable price policy. They contributed to ensuring customer satisfaction by making our products to reach the end user without any problems. We also experienced how solution-oriented they were in their processes. We are grateful for the sensitivity they show in their work.
Hakan Soykan E-Commerce Overseas Operations Specialist
Nowadays e-commerce is growing without slowing down; e-export offers opportunities to reach customers in various regions of the world. Logistics companies are certainly the most important partners for globalizing businesses to serve all over the world and to satisfy their customers. It is not possible to achieve sustainable success in the global market unless you have a fast, flexible and customer-oriented logistics partner. In this respect, PTS is a partner you can trust.
Ömer Nart Chairman of the Board
For the development of e-export, the product delivery periods are one of the most significant points. The most important business partner of an e-export company is its courier company, for sure. Relevant statistics show that the delivery time is in direct proportion to the customer’s propensity to re-order. When considering the cost/benefit balance, PTS, a reliable partner in all the international logistic processes, is one of the major actors in international Express cargo sector.
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