Specially for B2B customers the fastest and most reliable door to door onforwarding to more than 220 country and autonomous entities
For B2C customers, e-commerce shipments' to be forwarded to the residencials or for B2B customers; the most economic and reliable forwarding method.
Customized solutions for B2C shipments on Micro Exportation coverage.
By means of authorised IATA Cargo Agency Licendce of PTS, through all commercial airlines airport to airport or to door onforwarding method.
You can track your shipments online.
PTS has the Postal Service Provider Licence and able to make customs clearance by means of E-Commerce Customs Declaration without needing customs broker.
PTS is the market leader on B2C field for inbound shipments to Turkey. Besides on B2B field PTS can offer the fastest and most economic rates.
PTS is proud to offer Pomegranate System as to onforwarding multiple European Community shipments with one invoice to Germany, providing clearance in and onforwading to multiple Europewide address without taking them to exported country.

myPTS; the most efficient otomation of the sector

What myPTS users can do online?

  • Can make a pick up call
  • Can track and trace their shipments
  • Can prepare approved air waybills
  • Can issue proforma invoices
  • Can record their own receivers
  • Can order necessary equipments for their shipments
  • Can calculate their Express, ecoPTS and ImportExpress rates
  • Can see transit times based on destination countries
  • Can reach to their statement of account and view invoices
  • Can calculate Air Freight rates based on the airlines…

Besides all above process is done in a security and privacy…

Our vision

At PTS, our aim is to provide flexible, fast and effective solutions to our customers by combining our know-how with advanced technology.

“PTS Quality Policy” established for the application of Total Quality Management approach throughout every team member is what we believe that helps us to reach PTS vision and at the same time a prominent indicator of our consciousness of social responsibilities.

Our Core Values
Accessibility, reliability and transparency constitutes our main principles towards our customers, suppliers and employees.
We provide fast and economic services with customized solutions.
Encouraging the innovative and creative approaches, we focus on the improvement of the loyalty of our customers and suppliers, by education programs for our staff to increase their professional and personal competencies.

PTS; Market leader in B2C Services to/from Turkey

Solutions for online sales by means of enhanced PTS technologies
API Integration for IT Systems
We integrate your web sites with our web services
Micro Export
Without any piece of paper or documentation, we handle pick up, customs clearance, flight and cross border delivery
Reverse Process Management
Even if in a completed sales, in order to increase the customer satisfaction, when whole or a part of your products is requested to be returned back, we provide full service as reception, inspection and return to home country.