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What is Micro Export?

Micro Export is the type of export covering shipments up to 300kg and 15.000 Euros. Shipments under these limits can be declared with ETGB (Article 5 – Number 3 – for changes in Customs General Notification – Dated 20.07.2011)

What are the advantages of Micro Export?

● No fees for warehouse, storage or Customs Brokerage (or declaration) fees
● No notary fee due to no need to have a power of attorney
● Saving time due to minimized paperwork
● Fast delivery of your export to final receiver
● Eased VAT refund procedures
● In Micro-Export, compliance with the general regime is not sought in bringing the export money into the country. (Article 22 of the CBRT General Communiqué on 6.11.2018)