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Airport to airport or to door onforwarding

Air Cargo

PTS Worldwide Express, providing airfreight services as airport to airport and door to door deliveries to every destination in all over the world, offers you advantageous prices by means of special agreements made with different airline companies.

PTS, possessing the Authorized Air Cargo Agency License of IATA since 2000, has the proud of being an experienced and preffered company in air transportation.

PTS, providing consolidated services to Europe, America, Far East and all over the world, also provides consolidated services with cost advantage for your export and import load, particularly to/from Europe and Far East via its agencies abroad.

PTS, performs the transportation of all your load from minimum weight up to a full aircraft (charter) with its international experience and strong agency network.

Air Transportation Services:


  • Textile transportation to any destination in the world
  • Weekend consolidations
  • Fast, reliable and economical services
  • Door to door deliveries
  • Customs clearance services


  • Transportation from every destination via worldwide agency network
  • Consolidated services, particularly from Germany
  • Fast, reliable and economical services
  • Special transportations, direct and consolidated services from America
  • Special transportations organized for every weekdays and regular consolidations from Far East
  • To door deliveries from Istanbul Customs

Our aim during concerned processes is to provide “Fast information flow and correct acknowledgement”.

Shipment Tracking

You can track your shipments online.


PTS has the Postal Service Provider Licence and able to make customs clearance by means of E-Commerce Customs Declaration without needing customs broker.


Express, Economy and Inbound courier services

Air Cargo

By means of authorised IATA Cargo Agency Licence of PTS, through all commercial airlines airport to airport or to door onforwarding

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