PTS handles the majority of the E-commerce loads to/from Turkey


PTS is the market leader for e-commerce shipments to and from Turkey.

From Turkey to abroad:

Shipments up to 7500 Euro value and less than 150 kg are declared to the customs electronically by PTS. This “Micro Export” procedure is done without need of a customs broker and brokerage fee is not charged to the shippers. Shipper can also apply for refund of VAT too.

  • Fast and reliable data transfer by means of API (Application Programming Interface) integration by high volume customer
  • myPTS key entry for low value customers
  • Perfect operation without hard copy while getting the date electronically
  • Micto Export clearance
  • Receiver address verification
  • Fast and reliable clearance on destination countries
  • Sending text or e-mail to receivers to inform delivery date and time and option to postpone the delivery
  • Parcel Shop option for non delivered shipments
  • Minimum non delivery ratio
  • Address amendment or delivery to another address service
  • Return addresses abroad for the completely or partly returned shipments
  • Reverse service for return requested or non delivered shipments
  • Real time online data transfer
  • Storage service on destination countries

From abroad to Turkey

Low value limitation of non commercial shipments for individuals is 22.- Euro and maximum 30 kg. Shipments arriving same day from same shipper to the same receiver are considered the same shipment.

Non commercial B2C shipments for individuals with the value between 22.- Euro and 1500.- Euro; and weighting less than 30 kg are cleared by PTS while a flat tax of 18% for European Community countries and %20 for the rest of the world is applied to the shipment value (excluding the freight and insurance charges). Non commercial documents, books, magazines, cds, vcds and dvds are excluded from the tax.


Shipment Tracking

You can track your shipments online.


PTS has the Postal Service Provider Licence and able to make customs clearance by means of E-Commerce Customs Declaration without needing customs broker.


Express, Economy and Inbound courier services

Air Cargo

By means of authorised IATA Cargo Agency Licence of PTS, through all commercial airlines airport to airport or to door onforwarding

Customer Services

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